Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sourceables, LLC has announced the launch of Sourceables ( a new online community of sources, authors, experts, and media professionals. is a completely free and innovative social networking platform that allows its members to share their viewpoints, expertise, and insights through short text posts and links so that media can search for and connect with the sources they need for the stories, features, blogs, or programming they produce. Sourceables can help position authors and others with the media by demonstrating what they know and why they know it about today's news, topics, and trends.

Who Can Use Sourceables and How Does it Work?

Sourceables is for anyone who can offer their insights specifically on what's happening in the news or with today's leading topics and trends. Members create a profile, add links to their personal site(s), and begin posting their comments. Links can also be provided within a post to a news story or external site to help connect comments to current topics. Sourceables members can also feed their posts directly to their Twitter account through the Tweet function.

For media professionals, Sourceables can help journalists, reporters, producers, bloggers, and others quickly find and contact the sources they need. Along with being available 24/7 and being constantly updated, Sourceables features a live search function which can quickly and easily locate sources via any word, topic, or keywords entered immediately after posts are updated or filed. Sources can also be located via the category browse function.

Additional benefits for media members include the ability to post queries directly to the Sourceables community and the ability to remain completely anonymous while using the site (profile pages are not required for media members) so members can search for sources without having to weed out unsuitable candidates or deal with unwanted contact. For more details visit: Sourceables FAQ

Connect and Communicate

Sourceables gives its members the opportunity to do more than just comment on news and topics. They can also share what they are working on or what interesting projects or research they are developing or involved with. In addition to offering insights on the news, Sourceables is a great resource for connecting and communicating with others. Members can follow those whose interests match theirs to share ideas or make new contacts.

With its advanced search function and follow capabilities, Sourceables can be an extremely useful tool for media seeking authors, experts, professionals, or anyone who can offer insights or commentary. It is a new, dynamic way for journalists to not only locate sources but begin a conversation together. In addition to connecting media with sources, Sourceables also allows for its members to connect and share information with one another.

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