Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Living Waters Publishing Co., 17 Gannt St., Marion AR 72364; 870-563-2237.
info@livingwaterspc.com; www.livingwaterspc.com. Lensey Hayes, president. Goal
is spreading the right message and helping authors provide inspiration to our readers. Publishes 30-60 titles/year. 90% of books from first-time authors. No reprints. Prefers 35,000-60,000 words, or 160-240 pages. Royalty 10-20% of net; no advance. No simultaneous submissions. Responds in 30-90 days. Requires accepted ms by e-mail. Guidelines by e-mail/Website; free catalog for 9x12 SASE. Nonfiction: Proposal/3 chapters or complete ms; e-query OK. Fiction: Complete manuscript. For all ages. Special Needs: Books on evangelism, church help, Bible studies, charismatic healing stories, and marriage help.

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Violet said...

Tried to view Living Waters website Saturday, 9.19.09. All links are broken.