Thursday, December 9, 2010


We have over 600 bloggers in our KCWC blog tour database, and over 100 book
reviewers. Not only do we look for certain things from our bloggers, but we
also coach them so that the ones who are eager to serve have ideas for
stretching the ways they provide exposure to authors and books. This ends upalso giving the blogger more exposure. Mutually beneficial! How we operateas a communications firm could be utilized by individual authors looking for more traffic, whether you¹re the blogger or the guest author looking toappear on more blogs.

We look for/ask for:
1. A following-do they show a good number on their follower list?
2. Good interaction-do the readers and the bloggers interact via the
3. Activity-are there new posts at least 4 times per month? We prefer 12
times per month.
4. Social networking-do they plug the link of the blog posts on facebook,
twitter, linked-in or to their mailing lists?
5. Diversity-do they provide good content on non-blog tour days so we know
their readers visit frequently?
6. Personalization-do they personalize the blog tour in some way to make it
fit their blog and their readers, such as writing a review, or pulling out
an aspect of the book that makes it a good match for the niche of their
7. Book Reviews-are they willing to post a review at one of the online
bookstores such as amazon on top of their blog activity?
8. Quality Content-do we find their views to represent the same mindset as
our KCWC focus? We¹re looking for well-written posts, well-thought out
opinions, and wholesome conduct on their blogs.

We utilize bloggers several ways:
1. Blog Tours-they post the content we give them (book summary, author bio,
³something extra,² etc.)
2. Reviews-their personally crafted book reviews of books we provide them
3. Guest Blogger Article Content-we provide reprint permission to post our
authors¹ content on their sites
4. News Releases-sometimes when a news release is relevant, we provide it
for our bloggers as a type of article content
5. Contests and Giveaways-with new regulations, these require special legal
wording, but can be done
6. Surveys-we¹ll give them a survey to participate in with their readers,
with prize giveaways-they vote on their favorites
7. Current Content-we provide article content that fits with an ³awareness
day² or water-cooler topic

Shine On!
Kathy with Kathy Carlton Willis Communications

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