Thursday, December 30, 2010


Are you concerned about having to pay close to a $1,000 for a good
Workshop with Christian editors, agents and other great speakers?

I was. That's exactly why we started the Carolina Christian Writers Workshop.
It's March 18-19 this year and it's only $125. And it gets even better. The February
10th early bird is $99. AND ministers, students, spouses can come at
Blue light special discounts!

Here's the scoop in a nutshell:

Carolina Christian Writers' Workshop
Friday-Saturday, March 18-19, 2011
Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children's Writing and Beginning Writer tracks
Location: North Anderson Baptist Church
2308 N. Main St., Anderson, SC 29621
Time: Friday 1:00 PM - Saturday 4:30 PM Friday Nite Owl
Cost: $125 Early bird by Feb. 10th $99
Faculty: Dr. Dennis Hensley, Editor Rick Steele, Editor Ramona
Richards, Literary Agent Tamela Hancock Murray--and more.
Writing Contest and Prizes

Attached is the detailed brochure---with stuff like registration info, our Contest Guidelines and faculty bios and class descriptions. Just keep scrolling down.

To spark your interest I've pasted in Doc Hensley's great fiction track below.
Does it sound like a university course? That's about what it is. Besides being a prolific author, he teaches writing at Taylor University in Fort Wayne, IN.

Start your New Year off right. Determine to do something concrete about your writing. Dream, but don't stop there. Come. Tell your writer friends. Drag them if you have to. Or promise them dark chocolate.That's how much I think this workshop will change your writing life.

Happy, Blessed New Year,
Elva Cobb Martin,
President, Upstate SC American Christian Writers chapter
Dir., Carolina Christian Writers' Workshop
104 Oak Knoll Terrace
Anderson, SC 29625 PH: 864/226-7024
Web Site: New Novel coming: Tender Deception
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Writers Chapter Site:
"The Lord is my strength and song...and I will exalt Him." Exodus15:2

Bio - Dr. Dennis Hensley
Dennis is the author of 40 books, six of which are novels. He has also written more than 150 short stories and 3000 newspaper and magazine articles for everything from Readers' Digest to the War Cry. Dr. Hensley is a columnist for Writer's Journal and Advanced Christian Writer. He directs the professional writing major at Taylor University Fort Wayne, where he is an English professor.

Fiction: Part One
In this session Dr. Hensley will explain what the nine basic plots are, how they can be modified to fit each different genre (mystery, romance, adventure, western, etc.), and what the formats are for adapting a plot idea to a standard genre.

Fiction: Part Two
In this session Dr. Hensley will talk about character development. He will explain how names are chosen for fictional characters, how characters are defined by mannerisms and behavior and quirks, how back story is provided for central characters, how secondary characters serve functional roles in novels, and how a series character can be carried from one book to another.

Fiction: Part Three
In this session Dr. Hensley will explain how to master dialogue when writing fiction. He will define the differences between realistic dialogue and patterned dialogue. He will share ten special procedures by which to create, edit, and refine passages of dialogue. He will also explain when and how to use accents, drawls, twangs, and dialects.

Fiction: Part Four
In this session Dr. Hensley will explain how fictional settings are created for short stories, novels, and scripts. He will discuss regionalism, spiritual settings, influences of history and politics and religion on communities, ethnic settlements, cultural clashes in society, and even the most basic elements of how and when to focus on geography, architecture, climate, foods, manner of dress, and local morals.

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