Wednesday, December 15, 2010


As part of a series titled "Miracles and Moments of Grace," I am writing a book of 50 stories told by doctors. The first book in the series, 50 stories told by military chaplains, will be released in March 2011 by Leafwood, a Christian publishing house.

In this book, I will tell 50 stories from our nation's doctors -- whether military or civilian, family physicians, specialists, dentists, emergency room doctors or doctors in other clinical settings. The stories can be inspiring, thoughtful, heart-breaking or even funny. Stories with messages of faith are welcome. The best stories are those that hold meaning for the doctor telling it -- the first story he or she thinks of as a memorable moment in his or her career or medical training.

For example, one doctor told me of the surprisingly joyful reaction of a mother who delivered a Down's Syndrome baby. A dentist tells how his work on a missions trip touched the life of a Mongolian woman. A third doctor shares her grief over a succession of miscarriages, while another tells of how he redoubled his efforts to resuscitate a newborn when he saw the parents through the nursery window praying.

If you have a story to share for the book or know of a doctor who might, please feel free to contact me at If you are a writer, I welcome blog posts, journal entries, articles, stories and book excerpts. But I am more than happy to interview you and write up the story myself -- I know doctors are short on free time!

To learn more, access my website at I'm on facebook, too. I'd be happy to answer any questions.

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Nancy B. Kennedy

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