Wednesday, December 1, 2010


What's all the "buzz" in faith-based e-Publishing? A brand new company, NOVO Ink (whose name literally means "new ink,") is poised to take e-Publishing of faith-based books and magazines to a level not seen before.

"NOVO Ink is positioning itself to be the source for interactive Christian e-Book and e-Zines," says president and CEO Devlin Donaldson. "Each week we are adding hundreds of e-Book titles from some of the most well-known Christian publishers and authors in the business.

"We are offering new release titles, and at the same time, are digitizing and presenting back list catalog titles from faith-based publishers. NOVO Ink is also providing content from Christian authors not available anywhere else. In essence, NOVO Ink will be "the site" where readers will be able to find a unique library of faith-based books you can't find anywhere else."

NOVO Ink is also redefining how e-Books are being produced. "We are partners with Zinio, the largest distributor of digital magazines in the world. With their e-Reader, we are able to provide the Christian consumer several advantages over existing readers like Kindle and Nook," says Marketing Director Bryan Cole. "Readers now have the ability to enjoy features that have been unavailable in a digital format until now." (

Through the Zinio reader, NOVO Ink features a high definition color display with numerous fully interactive features. Among these features are the ability to adjust text size, clipping, social media connectivity, multiple navigational choices and page turning technology.

The greatest capability NOVO Ink provides (through their exclusive relationship to utilize Zinio technology) is the ability to support enhanced content (audio, video and animation) embedded directly into the body of a book (or magazine). By including this type of content, publishers are able to begin creating a new and interactive reading experience for consumers that is highly engaging.

"You literally need to see it to believe it," Mr. Donaldson concludes. "We invite everyone to take a virtual tour by going to and to begin to 'Rethink Your Ink'."

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