Friday, July 15, 2011


Carole Marie is a new site dedicated to encouraging, inspiring and motivating writers to become successful in their craft and fulfilling their dream of becoming a published author. Carole Marie is looking for writers who will submit articles about the following:

-Products, workshops, conferences, books, software, etc. you highly recommend that have genuinely helped you improve your writing.

-Your inspiring story about how you successfully became published.

-Your encouraging story about how you continue to write despite the obstacles you’ve encountered.

-Your motivating story that will compel others to keep writing.

Articles should be 300-600 words. Carole Marie is looking for well-written, heart-felt articles with meaning and substance. Include a short bio and photo. You may add a link to your site, if desired.

Send articles to:

Deadline: Ongoing

You will be contacted if your article is chosen. If your first article is accepted, feel free to submit more.


~Carole Marie


Betsy Scott Fitzmeyer said...

My name is Betsy Scott Fitzmeyer. I am a cradle Christian and a writer. We Christians have the knife to our throats; there are those who want to kill us all. But eyes are closed. I pray that I have found a place that is not intimidated by threats of those who committed the horrors of 9/11. I want to submit articles to you. Please let me know if I have found a home for my articles.

Betsy Scott Fitzmeyer

Betsy Scott Fitzmeyer said...

Thank you. I have submitted my comments. Let me know when I may submit an article.

Betsy Scott Fitzmeyer said...

Thank you. I have already posted a comment. Please let me know if I might submit an article.