Friday, July 29, 2011


Live Bold Magazine, launched at the beginning of 2011, has grown in 7 short months from a start-up magazine to a full featured electronic publication complete with social media integration and mobile phone apps - no paper, no printing. Publisher, Greg Arnold, explains, "We started with a handful of friends and family viewing the site which grew to a regular following of people across the United States and several foreign countries. And we're doing it by telling the story of faith as it's lived out in the lives of people. And we're doing it without a single drop of ink." Live Bold Magazine's page views are climbing daily.

Live Bold Magazine has delivered on its initial promise of innovation. Now featuring a new mobile application on the iTunes app store as well as the Android Market, the magazine is more easily available for readers on the go. Arnold talks about the app, "We partnered with an amazing company in Oslo, Norway to help with the app -- Majoobi -- They came alongside us and made it happen, working night and day. It's perhaps the best customer service I've experienced in over a decade," remarked Arnold.

Live Bold Magazine has also recently made its content available for sponsorship. Limiting ad space to only two sponsors will continue to keep the magazine clutter free and offer more visibility for our partners. "We're looking for the right match. We don't want just anyone crashing into our space," says Arnold.

The magazine can be found online at You can also find Live Bold on Facebook and Twitter @liveboldnow. The magazine is available in iTunes app store under "livebold" and the Android Market under "Live Bold."

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