Friday, January 25, 2008


Red Letter Christians by Tony Campolo redefines faith and politics. For most secular Americans, the word “evangelical” brings a certain image to mind: a Christian who is anti-gay, anti-feminist, anti-environmentalist, anti-gun control, pro-war, and, above all, a registered Republican. In recent years, a growing number of evangelicals have become fed up with this characterization, resenting both the myopic emphasis on abortion and gay rights, to the exclusion of all other issues, by the Religious Right and the tactics the group uses to accomplish their political objectives. In his new book, Red Letter Christians (February 1, 2008, Regal), author Tony Campolo presents a different political roadmap for the evangelical community, one he says is based directly on the radical vision contained in the words of Christ, traditionally denoted in red letters in several previous versions of the Bible. (Rush to Press, January 21, 2008)

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