Friday, January 25, 2008


"We are seeking journalists for a new Christian news website that our organization is planning to launch later this year. The site,, is now in a development and organizational phase. The content of the site will be broadcast on websites across the internet via an online news feed.

At this time, we are looking for Christian writers that will be able to cover current events, as well as do investigative journalism. Inasmuch as we would like to pay writers for their articles, we are unable to do so immediately as it is being developed with the goal of having an advertising structure established to offer compensation in the future. Therefore, at this time, we are looking for volunteer writers. will offer much exposure as we will be networking with a number of large Christian organizations. Content from the news site will also be broadcast from our website, which currently attracts thousands of readers on a weekly basis. At the present time, we have two postings in our volunteer section that pertain to this project:
>News Editor - RA is looking for a news editor to structure a weekly online news service for our online visitors, which includes writing articles, organizing volunteer writers, editing submissions, and posting news stories through an online system. This volunteer-from-home position is open to born again Christians who have at least 3 years of professional writing experience, as well as computer, research, leadership, and organizational skills. Please submit your written testimony, two writing samples (preferably news articles), and resume to the address below for consideration.
> News Reporters - RA is looking for news reporters to write articles for, a Christian news resource with an investigative style of journalism. This news site is in an organizational phase, and therefore, reporters will have their work featured at the Repent America website until its launch. This volunteer position is open to born again Christians who have proficient news writing experience, research and organizational skills. Please submit your written testimony, resume and 3 news article samples to the address below for consideration." Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, Michael Marcavage, REPENT AMERICA, P.O. Box 30000, Philadelphia, PA 19103; Tel & Fax: 1-800-3-REPENT, Ext. 5.

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