Monday, October 18, 2010


True Angel Encounters Sought for Angel Digest, Compilation of Extraordinary Stories by Ordinary People

Sometimes ordinary people have the most extraordinary true stories about angel encounters. Angelnook Publishing is it seeking such stories for its planned Angel Digest publication.

The digest will give hope and inspiration to thousands of people who have experienced such miraculous encounters, as well as those seeking truth. These heartwarming and often moving stories cross nearly all religions and faiths, and have been reported by people around the world.

Submitting a story is simple; people need to simply fill out a form at These true angel stories will be reviewed by the editorial team at Angelnook Publishing, publishers of spiritual and divinely-inspired books and art.

Contributors will be informed via e-mail if their story has been accepted for publication, and each contributor whose story is published will receive a free copy of the Angel Digest. Those who submit stories will not be compensated, but will be part of an inspirational and uplifting project.

Contributors can remain anonymous, and Angelnook Publishing reserves the right to reject submissions its believes is not appropriate for the digest. People with angel stories can also upload images, which may be included in the Angel Digest publication.

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