Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The following list was compiled by literary agent Chip MacGregor:
1. Christian Writers' Market Guide
2. Elements of Style
3. On Writing Well
4. Stein on Writing
5. Bird by Bird
6. The first Five Pages
7. Book Proposals That Sell
8. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
9. Magazine Article Writing
10. Woe is I

You can order the market guide and Book Proposals That Sell on my Website: www.stuartmarket.com.


Terry Whalin said...
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Terry Whalin said...


What an honor to have my Book Proposals That Sell on such a wonderful list of books! Anyone can also download my book instantly as an ebook.

I'd respectfully like to add #11--my newest how to write book which has much more than book proposals in it: Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams

Emily M. Akin said...

Great list, Sally. I would add Jim Watkins' "Communicating to Change Lives."

I have reviewed a number of writing books on my Blog4Writers, including most of the ones on this list. Follow this link for all reviews: http://emilyakin.com/category/writers-resources/bookreviews/.

To search for a specific review, use the search box in the sidebar.