Saturday, October 2, 2010


Here is some updated information on WordAction (Nazarene) SS take-home, Standard. This spring I announced they would no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts. Now Editor Duane Brush explains:

Each year Standard will contract with authors for approximately 32 manuscripts for one or more lead story/articles. The manuscripts will be 800-850 words long and fiction, true story, or based on true store, human interest, or feature piece. They’ll continue to want “Christianity in action.”

The articles will be assigned as “work for hire” within the meaning of Section 101 of copyright law. That means the publisher will own all rights. Payment will be $50 per assignment.

Those wishing to be considered for a Standard writing contract will need to submit a personal information sheet (available by Email, along with a writing sample. They will contact authors with a contract invitation.

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