Monday, November 8, 2010


ECPA Resolves Copyright Infringement Case: Publisher coalition announces victory in seven year legal battle

Last week, the High Court of Justice in London issued a Consent Order under which Andrew (Amue) Ansell admitted to infringing a large quantity of Christian theological works by displaying them on his websites, including , and agreed not to post any copyrighted material in the future. This resolves a nearly seven-year legal battle that ECPA and its publisher coalition, represented by US attorney Brian Flagler and UK attorney Martyn Bailey, have fought in the UK judicial system. In addition, Amue/Ansell submitted a written apology for his actions, acknowledging that he was in violation of the law and Christian principles. Copyrighted works have been deleted from his servers and ECPA has submitted to him a letter informing him of future steps that would be taken should he infringe other materials published by any ECPA member.

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