Wednesday, November 17, 2010


* At Abingdon Press, change Ron Kidd from general interest books to study resources; delete Judith Pearson, editor of children’s books; and add Barbara Scott, fiction editor. Page 84.
* Dianne Haskett is now president and editor-in-chief at Believe Books, 13 S. Street NW, Washington DC 20001. Page 89.
* Julie Horner, from Gospel Publishing House, has a new title: Research and Development Director. Page 113.
* At Steeple Hill Love Inspired, Rachel Burkot is now editorial assistant; Page 152.
* U.D. Roberts is now editor at Poems By Me. Page 174.
* Paula Simmons-Wint is now editor at The Bread of Life. Page 303.
* Danielle Bean is editorial director at Faith & Family; Robyn Lee is now managing editor;; Page 330.
* Nick Skapyak is new editor at The Lutheran Digest; 6160 Carmen Ave. E., Inver Grove Heights MN 55076; 651-451-9945;; drop fax. Page 347.
* At The Messenger, Rebecca Roman is assistant editor. Page 351.
* Christopher Fisher is now editor-in-chief at Relief Journal. Page 367.
* Heather Quintana is new editor at Vibrant Life. Page 378.
* Cathy Markale is new editor at Church Music Quarterly. Page 406.
* At The African American Pulpit, drop Eugene L. Gibson Jr. as co-editor. New address: P.O. Box 15347, Pittsburgh PA 15237. Page 407.
* At TG Magazine, new editor-in-chief is Heather Gaffney;; Page 430.
* Yvette Moore is Managing Editor; 6086 Dunes Dr., Sanford NC 27332. Page 446.
* New poetry editor at Christian Communicator is Sally Miller ( Page 447.
* Supriya Bhatnagar is now editor and director of publications at The Writer’s Chronicle. New e-mail is: Page 451.

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