Monday, May 16, 2011


Christian Book Services recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the founding of the company by industry-veteran Larry Carpenter. Carpenter, who is the former President and CEO of Spring Arbor, Senior Vice President of STL, Vice President of Thomas Nelson and President and Publisher of Standard Publishing, used his 24 years of industry experience to design the company.

The objective of the company is to help aspiring authors get their books published. But rather than take a “cookie cutter approach”, the company works with clients on a customized basis. For example, if the author needs help in writing, the company might help find them a ghost writer or editor. If the author wants to get a publishing contract, the company will work to secure them a literary agent or publishing contract. Or, if the author chooses to self-publish, Christian Book Services will put together a team of professional editors, proofreaders, designers and printers to produce their book for the lowest cost.

In addition to helping to get their authors’ books published, Carpenter also realized that authors often need assistance in the sales and distribution of their books. Christian Book Services partners with STL Distribution to provide sales and distribution services for their clients.

For more details on the company, go to the company’s website at or contact Larry Carpenter at (615) 472-1128 or at

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