Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Keeping It Real is the subscription based on line magazine where women confess all. Founded by Author and Journalist Vanessa Grossett the magazine was created for women to open up about issues that affect them.

Grossett who is the author of the book 'Don't look back,' says, "Through our research we found that many Christian's are afraid to open up about issues that have affected them throughout their lives. They are scared of being judged, we found this to be especially true among wealthy Christian women, because of this these women carry a burden and not everyone wants to go to a counselor.

"This made me realize that we are not being truthful with each other, that's why I decided to create Keeping It Real. The aim of the magazine is to allow women to share these burdens with others without being judged; one of the best ways to share experiences is through writing.

"The magazine is there to help women spiritually and emotionally. That is why we allow what people may call 'hard hitting' articles, i.e. we have one article where a woman talks about her adulterous experience.

"Christian's need to remember we are human beings and we make mistakes like everyone else. It's through God's grace we are saved by faith. I'm not saying that we should abuse his grace we must remember to live holy lives, but unfortunately sometimes we do give into our human desires and we must learn to move on from our mistakes. What the members don't realize is their articles could actually help someone that went through a similar experience."

To be a member you must register and pay a membership fee. Some of the monies from the fee will go to charities and to help the needy.

"The articles are very sensitive, that's why you would need to subscribe to, it is an exclusive membership magazine. I would like to add we also have entertaining articles as we have to balance out the rough with the smooth." Grossett continues, "We tend to pray for each of our members, there are women who are already benefiting from this magazine and it's nice to do something that can help and inspire others. We're not just in this world for ourselves but to give back to people."

Subscribers get a free gift when they first join.

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