Monday, May 23, 2011


Known for its innovation and expertise in the publishing world, Tyndale House Publishers is announcing the exciting new Digital First program, which will provide direct to ebook original titles. This pioneering new program will give Tyndale the freedom to publish even more books with exciting authors to serve a broad spectrum of readers.

Digital First will debut with four inspiring fiction titles from different genres.

“Fiction is the hottest category in the e-book marketplace. Our challenge is that we see more publish-worthy novels than we can reasonably take to print in a year.” comments Karen Watson, Associate Publisher. “This initiative gives us a way to say yes to books that deserve an opportunity and it helps Tyndale become more agile in serving a wider range of readers.”

Tyndale also plans to include a nonfiction title, 40 Days without Food: Divine Goodness to a Starving Soul by Russ Masterson in the Digital First line-up. Lisa Jackson, Associate Publisher explains, “The world of publishing is shifting rapidly, and it’s important that we as publishers deliver content in as many ways as possible. The Digital First project allows us to get fresh, new voices into the marketplace more quickly and efficiently than ever before.”

Digital First will debut in July 2011, and the titles will also be available for pre-order through online retailers.

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