Sunday, September 14, 2008


Christian Newswire/ -- has officially launched after five months in beta. ChristianNation is targeted to the teen/young adult demographic and aims to capture the pulse of the emerging Christian counter-culture with relevant content on music, movies, apparel, books, etc.

ChristianNation also interjects Biblical truths and apologetic content throughout the website in an effort to counter the indoctrination of secularism that permeates high schools, colleges and society. Youth pastors and leaders from across the country have teamed up on ChristianNation to tackle the tough issues facing our generation--from abortion and homosexuality to examining false beliefs like Evolution and Mormonism.

Reinforcing America's Christian foundation is a major focus as well. Throughout the site is content and quotes from the founding fathers on our nation's Christian heritage.

"One minute you could be reading the latest CD review, listening to music or chatting with a friend, and the next learning about the negative impact of Evolution on society," said Rob Holden, founder of

Since the beta launch in April, ChristianNation has grown tenfold. The site went from 10,000 hits a month to over 100,000.

Members can create their own page (similar to popular social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook), post their own blogs, upload videos, music, photos and instant message friends. Already over 1,300 photos, 500 songs, 200 blogs and 150 videos have been posted by members.

ChristianNation is a unique fusing of culture, faith, social networking and apologetics.

For more information, contact:
Rob Holden

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