Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hello Writer!

I wanted you to know about the latest compilation Jim Bell is producing. It's called "God Sightings" and is about seeing God at work in your every day life. The guidelines are attached, and I hope we'll hear from you! God Sightings will be published by Howard Publishing, one of the leading Christian publishers (purchased a while back by Simon & Schuster).

Thank you for considering using your gifts to minister to others through these compilations. I GREATLY appreciate you, and I know Jim does, too.

And you can feel free to pass this along to your other writing friends.


Jeanette Gardner Litleton, Editorial Associate
God Sightings (Howard Publishing, 2009)
A James Stuart Bell project

Note: The guidelines for this project didn't come through, so e-mail Jeanette for a copy at:

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Pam Hogeweide said...

Hey Sally, I emailed Jeanette who promptly sent me the guidelines. Here they are for any others who might be interested in this opportunity:

Dear Writer,

I would like to announce an exciting new book project called, God Sightings: Stories of His Involvement in Life’s Greatest Moments. You may have been involved in my story projects with A Cup of Comfort, Life Savors, or Love Is a Verb (Love Lessons). This project sets out to give God the glory he deserves through stories of His showing up when we most need him and even when things are going well. He’s promised to not only be present but active in our lives, fulfilling his plans and purposes for our good and his glory.

We know God is ever present, working behind the scenes, but there are a few great moments in life when he works in powerful and seemingly miraculous ways. It might be during an extraordinary occasion or a humdrum circumstance when you’re taken by surprise, but his working transforms it into something special that you will never forget. He manifests himself in many ways: provision, comfort, wonder, forgiveness, etc. He can be clearly seen through answers to prayer, other people, or circumstances that he uses to teach us or get out attention.

These need to be stories in the fullest sense, rather than mere testimonies, or focusing on mere feelings or mental states. The stories should have an introduction, main body with a conflict or challenge, and a resolution. They need to be descriptive, rooted in time and place, with compelling characters. We want to avoid stories related to illness, but if you submit one without too many details and a positive focus we will consider it.

Each story should range from 1,200 to 1,800 words, must be original (not previously published) and should include a crisp and creative title. Scripture quotations aren’t necessary but if you cite a passage it should be in The New Living Translation. After acceptance of the story by the publisher we will issue you a permission contract. We are offering a one-time fee of $50 to be paid upon publication, rather than upon acceptance. You may submit as many stories as you’d like.

The final due date is November 30, 2008, and we’ll notify everyone of manuscripts that made the final cut in March. So we ask your patience.

We will need your name as you would like it to appear in the book, name on the check, street address, phone number, email address attached to the manuscript, and a bio update of 30 words or less. The contracts and payment will originate from the publisher, Howard Books (a division of Simon & Schuster) and all rights will be held by the publisher until the book is declared out of print. Please attach manuscripts to the e-mail in Word (.doc, not .docx), ascii, or rtf format.

Please direct all inquiries and submissions to my colleague, Jeanette Littleton, at

Blessings to you and yours,

James Stuart Bell

God Sightings