Monday, November 2, 2009


CBA President and CEO Bill Anderson stepped down from his position Friday, Oct. 30. Anderson joined CBA in 1978 from Moody Publishing as the association's first full-time convention manager. He became president in October 1985. Under Anderson's leadership, CBA transitioned from a trade association serving primarily booksellers to one serving constituents who provide a broad range of Christian resources and materials -- including music, gifts, apparel, specialty items, software and other product categories. Anderson has championed CBA in the media, both Christian and secular, and has helped raise awareness of Christian stores and the roles they play in their communities. He serves on numerous industry, ministry, education, leadership, and business organization boards. "Christian Retail has been given a high and holy calling, and we must be faithful to God and His Word. CBA plays a vital role in his industry, and the industry has a vital role in the Kingdom," Anderson said. "It's been an honor to have served here." Additionally, CBA Board Chairman Jim Whittaker of New Life Christian Stores resigned the same day, citing increased time demands that would come along with managing the transition process.

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