Monday, November 9, 2009


At the Christian Writers Guild, tomorrow evening at 8 Eastern Time, we’re offering a live Webinar of one of our most popular workshops. We call it the Thick-Skinned Manuscript Critique, in which I show actual editing on anonymous manuscript submissions. Writers at our annual conferences consistently tell us this is a most-helpful approach, because editors don’t have the time (or the responsibility) to tell them what is specifically wrong with the manuscripts they reject.

Here I do just that. Doing a heavy edit and re-write (and brief commentary) on the first two pages of each of 6 different submissions, I walk you through what an editor would do if he or she had the time or the responsibility to tell the truth about the writing itself. Their job is to find publishable, purchasable material. At the Guild, we feel it’s our responsibility – and most helpful – to be specific and say why something is working or not working, salable or not salable.

If you’d like to sit in and watch on screen, I think you’ll find it valuable to your own writing. You’ll have the ability to interact too, asking questions live.

CWG member cost is $25; non-member cost is $45, and we’ll go for an hour or a little more.

Remember, this is set for tomorrow night, Tuesday, November 10, at 8 p.m., Eastern Time. You’ll see my smiling mug during the intro, then you’ll see the manuscripts and what has been done to them, then me again for the Q&A session.

The best way to get in on this at this late date is to contact the Christian Writers Guild directly, either by email ( or by calling (866) 495-5177 and asking for Janice or Leilani.

Jerry B. Jenkins

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