Monday, November 2, 2009


Publishers face an enormous challenge, hunting through mountains of submissions to find the few that meet their editorial needs. Finding new voices in this environment can feel impossible. (CMS), a program of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA), is the only proposal submission website designed at the request of the top Christian publishers to provide a solution to these problems. In collaboration with ECPA, BelieversPress (a subsidiary of Bethany Press International) is pleased to offer authors the opportunity to have their proposals professionally critiqued and edited before submission on the CMS website for viewing by Christian publishers. These proposals will feature a BelieversPress badge enabling publishers to easily find these high quality submissions. Badges will reflect what proposals have been critiqued, edited and endorsed.


Love3Westies said...

Is this too good to be true?

Crystal Mary said...

Hello and greetings from Australia (Oz).
I was thrilled to find The Christian Manuscript Submissions site. Starting to write two years ago and never having studied creative writing, I had much to learn. I self published my first book and it cost me a fortune to do so. Most of this was my own fault as I was using the wrong Office Word and my whole 75,000 words needed to be transfered over for to the correct word for editing.
With my second book I found C.M.S. and decided they were how I would like to go. I paid the reasonable fee to have my proposal critiqued,and now after the minor adjustments, it is ready for publishers to hopefully discover. As a Christian I wanted to be working with fellow believers as they understand Gods Word and the message I am attempting to get across in a fictional novel. I have been telling other Australia authors about this site, and at least one, is considering. I like the idea that Badges will reflect what proposals have been critiqued, edited and endorsed. So now I leave the whole thing in Gods hands and wait.
So is it too good to be true?
YES! it is good, and it is true!