Friday, November 6, 2009


September 15–November 15, 2009
Judges: Walt Hearn, John Leax, Marilyn McEntyre, & Luci Shaw
Cost per entry: $25 which includes a Radix subscription (or continuation for current subscribers). Special student rate: $10
The prizes will be: $200 first, $100 second, and $50 third, which will run in a special “Poetry Issue” of the magazine. Three more poems will “place” and be published in subsequent issues of the magazine.

Please email us the poems you wish to submit at
Then mail us the $25 dollar submission fee: Radix Magazine, P.O. Box 4307,
Berkeley, CA, 94704. We won’t be able to consider or return any hard copies
sent to us.

No more than three poems should be entered with one submission fee. Please
make sure that a sheet with your name and contact information accompanies
your poems, but that your name does not appear with each poem. Our judges
prefer that the poems be anonymous to them during the judging process.

For more information on Radix magazine go to

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