Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Arizona Family News: Unable to contact. Page 268.

Discipleship Journal: Out of business. Will continue online, drawing from their archives. Page 292.

Dovetail: Out of business. Page 293.

The Friends Voice: Unable to contact; probably out of business. Page 301.

Grand: Asked to be deleted. Page 304.

Michiana Christian News: Out of business. Page 322.

Portrait of Achievement: Unable to contact. Page 330.

Ideas Unlimited for Effective Children’s Ministry: Out of business. Page 366.

Teach Kids! essentials and Teach Kids@Curriculum Club have both been discontinued for economic reasons. Page 369.

Clear Living (devotional): Out of business. Page 371.

Gospel Synergy: No longer has print edition; online only. Page 379.

Churchlife Inspiration & Humor: Unable to contact. Page 382.

Pray!: Out of business. Will continue online, drawing from their archives. Page 390.

Willow: Out of business for now; reassessing the future of this publication. Page 396.

Steelroots Magazine: Out of business. Page 404.

CelebrateMoms.Org: Appears to be out of business. Page 408.

Comfort Café: Unable to contact. Page 410.

Herizons: Asked to be deleted. Page 412.

Ladies First Magazine: Unable to contact. Page 415.

Today’s Christian Woman: Out of business. Page 419.

Today’s Leading Ladies: Unable to contact. Page 420.

ByLine Magazine: Out of business. They will continue to list contests on their Website. Page 423.

Opinari Newsletter: No freelance. Page 428.

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