Friday, January 18, 2013


Writing as a Christian Blogger
Creating your own blog isn't as difficult as many may think. Blogging has become a great part of our social interaction and is a way for others to share opinions, beliefs, and discuss the matters at hand. Writing as a Christian blogger can help discover yourself and the message you wish to convey. How can you become a success at your own blog?
1. Right or Wrong - One of the most glorious points of blogging is that there really isn't a right or wrong way to express yourself. Most blogs are centered around personal views and experiences to create some kind of truth in the world. While the blogs that are developed for monetary purposes are centered around fact and informative content, you can express yourself in any manner you wish.
2. Interaction - Once you start blogging, you may find it hard to stop. As addicting as writing in a journal, you can share your thoughts and ideas throughout the day and easily accumulating a great deal of content. Within those words of your own, you will find that there could be a great many of people who share the same thoughts and ideas. By expressing yourself in this fashion, you can be subjected to a new world of hope and possibilities through your words.
3. Attention - The goal of any blog is to get the attention of the reader. While your content may be full of truths and insightful meanings, you still need to practice some kind of search engine optimization in order to get noticed. Without any programming skills, you can gain a lot of traffic by simply submitting the site map of your blog to Google. Once this is done, your content will be the driving force. Of course, there is nothing wrong with advertising your blog on sites such as blogrank and Facebook.
4. Community - By spreading the word of your blog within community websites, you can quickly accumulate a lot of visitors. One of the reasons why blogs are so popular is because they are written by regular people sharing their knowledge and others like to read them. One can get a great deal of knowledge and insight by reading the experiences of others and you could be a guide to those who are seeking the same enlightenment you are.

There are many people in the world that have monetized their blogs and have created a stream of revenue for themselves. For nothing more than sharing points of views on subject matter, they have established a form of income. Even if you don't intend to monetize your blog, it can still be an enlightening experience to see how the rest of the world interacts with your own personal views.
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