Thursday, January 10, 2013


This publisher is looking for authors who can write constructively about Christianity without getting bogged down in Orthodoxy, or fundamentalist dogma; for writers at the edge, not writers in the mainstream.

Publisher Trevor Greenfield says about the material he’d be likely to consider:  “I very much enjoyed Godless Morality: Keeping Religion Out of Ethics by Richard Holloway, Bishop of Edinburgh and it’s the sort of title that Christian Alternative will be publishing. Holloway explores the hinterland of the ethical imperative and moves it from the mind of God to the human arena. If we shake the foundations and Heaven falls to Earth what are the implications for God, humanity and history?  I’m also interested in social activism and Christianity as a unique expression in a world that needs unique and creative solutions and answers. But if you want to know my guilty pleasure, it’s radical theology. I grew up with Thomas Altizer, John Robinson, Don Cupitt and the Sea of Faith. I love seeing radical theological debates being taken forward.”

What sort of material would he be likely to reject? “Anything that’s too theologically comfortable, anything that maintains a nineteenth century status quo (and you’d be surprised, or maybe you wouldn’t, how many people still hold to those views).” And his advice to prospect Christian Alternative authors:  “Submit your proposal! We have a fast, friendly and informal submission process and any one who submits a proposal receives feedback from us.

If you are working on a title that you feel might be of interest to Christian Alternative, submit your inquiry via the website in the first instance: or
There is no advance but royalties are paid twice a year on both UK and overseas sales.

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