Monday, January 28, 2013


Valentine’s Writing Contest — $150 in prizes
By Oregon Women’s Report
3 Prizes:  $50, $35 & $25.
Student Prize: $40
Previously written, published & blogged material gladly accepted!
Oregon Women’s Report is hosting our second annual Valentine’s Day writing contest with three $50.00 cash prizes for the three top winners. The contest theme is “love” and covers a wide spectrum of ideas from family, kids, relationships, advice, romance to friendships. Articles can be about life lessons, memorable family moments, acts of kindness, friendship, calls to community service and other love-related topics. Original or previously written material is accepted. Poetry is also accepted.
Now is the time to dust of that great article you never submitted, re-open your old college creative writing papers or peek at that journal entry that recorded an important life moment perfectly. Turn your thoughts into something that can be seen and appreciated by others while earning $50.00 to splurge on whatever you wish. Most of all, you will have fun expressing yourself. If you are already a local author and/or blogger, we will promote your blog, book or website if your article is chosen. Good luck!
Word Count Limit: Under 400 words
Deadline: Feb 6th, 2013
Requirements: Author must live in Oregon.
Why you could win: This is not a distant and impersonal national writing contest with 10,000 submissions. This is a local opportunity just among women in Oregon.  We typically receive 30–40 submissions in our contests, so this is the type of contest you have a great chance to win.
Free promotion of your work: For authors and bloggers, we will gladly link and promote your website and your books.
Submit Articles: You can submit article either (1) inside an email or (2) attach as either Word, TXT or Rich Text Format. Email to with subject line “Valentine’s Writing Contest.”
Please fill & email the application below.
1. Name:
2. Mailing Address:
3. City:
4. State:
5. Zip Code:
6. Contact phone number:
7. Are you an author? (if yes, please provide a web link):
8. Do you have a blog? (if yes, please provide link):
9. How did you discover the contest?
10. Are you a member of any local writing group? (if yes, let us know)
11. Are you a student applying for the student prize?
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