Saturday, January 19, 2013


The 4th Annual Deep River Books Writers Contest is well underway, but there is still time to enter. Through January 31st, full-length manuscripts will be accepted from Christian authors, and the two top manuscripts will win royalty-based publishing contracts.
“The stakes are high,” says Rhonda Funk, marketing and publicity agent for Deep River Books. “The top two authors get more than an award or a cash prize; they get their book published and made available around the world. That doesn't happen every day!”

Just ask Matt Ouellette, last year's grand prize winner in the non-fiction category (for his book, Thoughts That Fell From a Taco Shell). Matt says, "For new authors, the publishing world is as daunting as it is exciting. Deep River Books has an incredible way of tackling the tedious while encouraging the thrill. Few companies invest in their partners with such passion and professionalism."

Ouellette's book, endorsed by bestselling author Josh McDowell, went from simple thoughts written on a Taco Bell® napkin, to the winning non-fiction manuscript in the 2012 DRB Writer's Contest–out of over 400 entries.

Stan Bednarz blew the judges away with his thrilling novel, Miracle on Snowbird Lake. Bednarz entered the contest on a whim just two days before the close. With no expectation of winning any kind of prize, he hit the send button. Little did he know that his book would soon be endorsed as “powerful and gripping,” by bestselling author Tim Green. 

Bednarz says, “Deep River Books has been instrumental in launching my career. Since winning the contest, doors have been opening left and right.”

Bill Carmichael, CEO and publisher of Deep River Books, says, “We have decided once again to give away not one, but two royalty-based publishing contracts–one in each category, fiction and non-fiction. We loved being able to separate the categories last year and felt it added a level of excitement. The two categories are so different, this just gives authors all the more reason to enter.”

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Crystal Mary said...

I had someone contact me from Deep River Books about my manuscript. So far I refused because you have to buy 1,000 books and that cost $10,000 which is virtually the cost of self publishing.
Anyhow, what you have written is very interest and something to think on and consider.