Tuesday, January 29, 2013


When Jerry B. Jenkins wrote his first book, the publisher accepted it, even though Jenkins wasn't well known. Now 180 books later, the bestselling author has seen radical changes in traditional publishing. 

"In my day, publishers took chances on beginners," he says. "Nowadays, many reject good writers without platforms."

Writer of the mega-bestselling "Left Behind" series (Tyndale) and owner of the Christian Writers Guild, Jenkins is on record against self-publishing; however, he's recently had a change of heart.

To help aspiring writers achieve their publishing dreams, Jenkins is launchingChristian Writers Guild Publishing (CWGP). He says it will be different from other custom publishing houses in that it features Published, a six-month course mentored by an experienced author. When students with works-in-progress complete the course, CWGP will publish their books -- providing a copy editor, proofreader, cover and type designer, eBook formatter, printer, and a free package of promotion, marketing, and social media materials, everything the writer needs for a successful book launch.

"This is different from self-publishing," Jenkins says. "It's mentored, coached, and educated publishing. We come alongside through this course and surround them with seasoned industry professionals."

"I've criticized self-publishing because so many end up with shlocky covers, typos, and poor production quality. CWG Publishing is committed to providing writers with a valuable education and a great publishing experience."

For more information about CWG Publishing, www.christianwritersguild.com. For press inquiries and interview opportunities, contact Karen Granger atKaren@karengranger.com.

About Christian Writers Guild
For more than 40 years, the Christian Writers Guild has helped aspiring writers develop their craft by offering writing courses, each student personally mentored by a published author. 

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