Tuesday, January 15, 2013


How Wattpad Can Help the Christian Writer
Sometimes it can be difficult to get your foot in the door as a Christian writer. If one publishing house isn't interested in your works, another one demands more money than you have to publish your novel. It can be frustrating to be so close, yet so far away from your dreams coming true. Wattpad.com is a website that allows new and seasoned writers to "test the waters", so to speak. You can post your stories and novels and readers can critique and become "fans" of your books. Although you don't get paid per posting, it is a great tool to gauge how well your book would do if it were on the shelves.
1. It's Free - Signing up with Wattpad.com is absolutely free. You can read other people's stories and novels and post your own immediately if you wish. You have nothing to lose in using this service and popularity to gain.
2. Facebook Connected - Wattpad.com uses Facebook to login. In addition, those you favorite on Wattpad.com are linked to your Facebook profile. If you build a fan-base in Wattpad.com with your Christian novel, friends and family of those who've "fanned" you are also eligible to read your works.
3. Easy to Use - The interface for Wattpad.com is very easy to use in order to upload your content. You can either type it out right there on the website or upload it from a .txt file. Then you choose the categories and ratings of your work and save it. Once you hit the save and publish button, your Christian works will be available for all to read. Your name could be alongside other Christian writers who've put this website to use.
4. Awards and Contests - Wattpad.com promotes the Watty Awards every year for novels that are best in their class including various awards for categories like "Best Hero" and "Best Trailer." These awards could put a few extra dollars in your pocket. Contests are quite regular where you can win prizes such as a Kindle Fire, eReaders, books, and more.
5. Community - There is a community atmosphere amongst the writers and readers of Wattpad.com. Join several clubs based on a specific niche and join in on intriguing and in-depth conversations. Information is plentiful from other Christian writers like yourself who are aspiring to be a success.

Wattpad.com offers awards and advertising for Christian writers to help them get noticed. It's not uncommon for a publishing house to pick up an author from Wattpad.com and can help enhance your submission to other publishers. If you can build a good fan base, your name alone could cause ripples within the reading community and create a rewarding experience.
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