Thursday, November 29, 2007


The purpose of Bread for God's Children magazine is to help Christian families learn to apply God's Word in their everyday living. Looking for writers who have a solid knowledge of biblical principles and are concerned about today's youth keeping those principles. Stories must be from a child's viewpoint, well-written, with the story itself getting the message across--no preaching, moralizing, or tag endings. Realistic plot and characters. No talking animals, or other forms of fantasy. Uses two stories each issue--one for older children and teens, to 1,800 words; and one for young children, to 800 words. Also uses articles for both age groups, to 800 words. Pays $50 for teen story, $40 for child story, $25 for articles, and $10 for short fillers. Buys 1st rts. Will consider reprints depending on where they were published. Judith M. Gibbs, editor. Mail submissions to: Bread Ministries, Inc., PO Box 1017, Arcadia FL 34265-1017.

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