Tuesday, November 27, 2007


In an effort to get the word out and help promote fellow Christian fiction authors, Jill Eileen Smith compiles a monthly, alphabetical list of new Christian fiction releases. The list includes links to the various author's Websites and goes to a number of other places the first of each month. Jill does this in connection with the American Christian Fiction Writers. In an ongoing effort to get more exposure for Christian fiction, Jill is also open to providing a copy of the list to include on your Website or blog. If you have a new novel coming out soon, or are interested in posting the list, e-mail Jill at jewordsmith at gmail dot com. Here's what you need to send her:
* Name of book Number of book in the series and name of the series, if applicable
* Name of publisher
* Your name and url
* Release month
* A ONE sentence summary of the story (maximum 30 words - preferably 15-20 words) - please NO lengthy back cover blurbs.
* For novella collections - please include the following:
*Name of Collection
*Name of Publisher
*Names and URLs for each author
*Release month
*A ONE sentence summary (maximum 30 words, preferably 15-20 words) of the entire collection, not the individual stories.
*Please, do NOT put titles or anything else in all caps or special fonts or colors.
*Please take care to follow these directions. If information is missing or summaries are longer than one sentence, it creates too much work to track it down, and details will be left unfinished.

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candy.abbott said...

Hey, Sally! Your blog is fabulous--in appearance and content. I'll be following up pronto with Jill to see if we can get my newly released fantasy, Gavin Goodfellow: The Lure of Burnt Swamp, on your Christian Fiction List.