Friday, November 30, 2007


This time of year you may be thinking about sending holiday gifts to your editors. If so, there are a few things to keep in mind. The tax deduction for business-related gifts is limited to $25 per person. Such gifts should never be personal in nature--such as clothing or jewelry. Appropriate gifts are things like pens, books, or food items. I send tins of homemade fudge. You will likely want to limit such gifts to book editors, agents, or related people, or magazine editors you write for on a regular basis--such as those you write a column for or sell to regularly. I send to my agent, book editor (who negotiated the contract), editor who oversees the editing process on the guide, editor who does the line editing, and the person who handles my book orders during the year.

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Eddie Jones said...

Sally, Eddie Jones, here. We shared a ride from the Orlando airport last March on the way to the Florida conf. On behalf of Christian Devotions Ministries Cindy Sproles would like to submit a short blurb on our Writers Advance Bootcamp conference for Feb 2014. Is there an email address or contact form we can use for this to get it on your blog site?