Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Welcome to the brand new blog for those wanting to keep up with what is happening in the Christian writing industry. These days changes happen so quickly that this seems the best way to keep you up to date on the news and views that will keep you selling. Because I have put together the annual Christian Writers' Market Guide for the last 23 years, I have my thumb on the pulse of much that happens in this industry--and I like nothing more than to share that information with you. I am just getting started with this blog, so may be playing around with the format in the next few weeks to come up with an arrangement that makes it most helpful for you. I'm certainly open to any suggestions or input you'd like to send my way.
It is not my intention to report all the news here, but will focus on those things that need to get out to you earlier than you will get them in my usual marketing column in the Christian Communicator (www.ACWriters.com )--items with a short deadline or that you'll want to know about right away. For all the news, you'll want to subscribe to that publication.
Now--let's get started.


MaryAnn Diorio said...

Dear Sally,

I am thrilled to see your new blog. It meets an important need and, as always, you know how to fill it.

Thanks for giving of your time and expertise in this generous way.


MaryAnn Diorio

Donna Goodrich said...


This is great. Gives us up-to-the minute information that we can use right away. Thanks for all you do.

Donna Goodrich