Saturday, November 24, 2007


The Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is an organization of 150+ members who do weekly blog tours for the latest in mainstream published Christian fiction. They usually prefer to do blog tours as soon as there is a publication date, preferably 8-10 months ahead of time. Contact: BonnieCalhoun@christianfictionblogalliance or stop by their Website at .


Marybeth said...

Hi Sally! I am so glad you started this blog! I am adding you to my blogroll of great writing blogs and will be checking back lots! Thanks for providing this valuable information--

Karen said...

Jumped over from TWV to check out your new blog. I love it! Short posts with important information. You are definitely on my daily read list. Thanks!

The Gospel Writer said...

I've already made you a favorite. I can't wait to stay up to date with you. Many blessings for all the help you give writers!

cyn said...


I think it is important to note that while the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is a fine organization, it is also CBA exclusive: by this I mean that this book review blog group only tours books published by houses who belong to the Evangelical-Christian Publishers Association.

Traditional publishers who choose to operate independently of the ECPA are left out in the cold by the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance.

Why is this a problem? Quality Christian and Biblical speculative fiction is being published outside of the ECPA houses and so will never get the exposure the CFBA can bring. Sad.

Emily M. Akin said...

Suggestion: Why don't you add an RSS feed option?

Cyndy Salzmann said...

FABULOUS blog, Sally! Thanks so much for doing this!

Mike Dellosso said...

Sally, thanks for spotlighting the CFBA. It's an amazing alliance and with nearly 200 members has done a tremendous amount of good in getting the word out about Christian fiction. Bonnie Calhoun is top-notch and great at keeping everything in line.

One correction: the CFBA is not CBA exclusive. Yes, they tour primarily books by CBA and ECPA publishers but we just toured James Scott Bell's TRY DYING which is published by Center Street.

By the way, excellent blog and great resource!


Sue Dent said...

Sorry, Mike, straight from Bonnie Calhoun, CFBA is completly CBA exclusive. If you'd like to contact Bonnie and ask her yourself, you may. If you'd like to see the e-mail where she gave me permission to say this, I'll show that to you as well. She did tour my book, Never Ceese which is also NOT CBA but when I went back to her to secure a spot with Forever Richard, she said no. That was about a month ago. She will tell you herself, unequivocally, CFBA is CBA exclusive. I'd like to see it change but she was unmoving in her stance. Also, if you go to, at the bottom of the first page, it says we only tour CBA(Christian Book Association Books.) If any book tours that isn't CBA, then, rest assured, I'll calling Bonnie on it and I corrospond with her regularly.

Sue Dent

Mike Dellosso said...

Thank you, Sue. I'll take your word for it. And I humbly stand corrected! :) My bad.


Sue Dent said...

We only tour CBA (Christian Book Association books). We do not tour self-published, independently published, POD, e-books, or any other type that is not mainstream publishing house Christian fiction.

I thought I'd go ahead and post the above myself. Important to note, CFBA claims it will consider touring mainstream publishing house Christian Fiction. For those of you who think that means something other than CBA, you're wrong. I questioned Bonnie about it. She only takes CBA. Note also that the above statement lumps Independent publishers in with POD's, self-published and e-book publishers. I questioned her about this. Independent Publishers are simply smaller mainstream publishers. Her only response was that CFBA was CBA exclusive.

I have no real problem with CFBA being CBA exclusive. The problem I have is with others trying to say they aren't. If it didn't matter then why bother clarifying. It does matter and they are CBA exclusive.