Thursday, December 13, 2007


If you write for publications, you can also now order the 2008 Top 50 Periodical Publishers' Packet. Since there are about 675 periodicals listed in the market guide, I realized a few years ago that I needed some way to identify those that are most open to freelance and that treat writers well--what I call the "writer-friendly" publications. For that reason I came up with a scoring system that pinpointed those. The packet actually includes a list of the top 70 (just over the top 10%), but the packet itself includes a copy of the writer's guidelines from each of the top 50, plus an analysis sheet of the top 50. The publications identified fall into a wide range of categories--adult, children, pastors, teens, women, etc. Please realize that all the publications included on this list are great markets for your work--only a few points separate #50 from #1. This packet is updated every year as some of the publications go out of business, no longer accept freelance, change their guidelines, etc. You can order the packet from my Website bookstore, or order it from me directly if you prefer not to use PayPal.

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