Friday, December 21, 2007


"Living Waters Publishing Company is currently having a dispensation for our traditional publishing contracts. Each year, we have 3 dispensations. From December 12-31, we are relaxing our standards a bit to attract certain kinds of books.If you've written a children's book and already have the illustrations, providing the content matches our standards, you may be given a traditional publishing contract with all the benefits therein allotted. We may also consider certain children's books without illustrations.Specifically, we are attempting to attract the following types of children's books:Educational for ages 6-10 – may be in any educational subject or Christian in nature Holiday oriented – more specifically, we are seeking books with Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas themes Poetry – material written for or by children Crafts for childrenIf you are interested in attempting traditional publishing with us, please forward your manuscript or synopsis to Henry Carlyle, Acquisitions Manager, at We are also looking for Christian fiction and romance, biographies, study material and poetry. Learn more about us at" Lacresha N. Hayes, President Living Waters Publishing Co17 Gannt Street, Marion, AR 72364Phone: (870) 739-4100 Web:

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