Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The Chicken Soup for the Soul Book series is always open to stories for one of their upcoming titles. On their Website you will find a list of possible upcoming titles they are working on, as well as complete guidelines for submissions. Below are a few of the many topics they're looking for (indicate which one you are submitting to), but even if your story doesn't seem to fit one of the topics listed, you can actually submit it under "No specific title." Some titles they have listed have a specific deadline while others don't have a set deadline yet.

** Baking with Kids, December 31, 2008
** Baseball Lover's Soul, March 31, 2008
** Cat Lover's Soul, December 31, 2008
** Catholic Soul, May 30, 2008
** Christmas Pet Book, March 31, 2008
** Dog Lover's Soul, December 31, 2008
** Extraordinary Teen's Soul, December 31, 2008
** Football Lover's Soul, December 31, 2008
** High School Graduates, December 31, 2008
** Life Lessons for Leaders, June 30, 2008
** Twins Soul, December 31, 2008
More titles listed on Website: www.chickensoup.com

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