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July 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- In the children's book "God Has a Purpose for Me", young Aya hears a sermon at church about fulfilling God's purpose in her life. She decides to begin right away by doing things she thinks will make the Lord happy. Exhausted and confused by her efforts, she turns to her family and learns what fulfilling God's purpose in one's life really means.

As the author of "God Has a Purpose for Me", LaRonda Koffi, new publisher and author, certainly seems to be fulfilling her own purpose. "I saw this need for Christian children's books," said LaRonda. "There are a lot of children's books, but where are all the Christian books for those who want to learn about the Lord? Where are these books for children?

"I felt that the Lord put it in my heart to start writing Christian children's books," LaRonda said. Rather than face the daunting task of shopping her manuscript around to various publishing companies, she simply started her own.

Formed in November 2007, Jesus Loves Me Children's Books LLC has given LaRonda the opportunity to pursue this calling. "I always knew that I wanted to take this route," LaRonda said. "I decided that forming a publishing company would be more of a ministry," she said. "For each book sold, $1 will go to Compassion International."

The company's mission is to give donations to Christian organizations that help the financial, developmental and spiritual needs of children living in poverty throughout the world. The donated money goes to Compassion International's Unsponsored Children's Fund, which provides temporary care to children waiting for a sponsor.

"I know that probably would be something I could not do had I submitted it and been accepted to a major publishing company," LaRonda said. While she only publishes her own work, Koffi anticipates she'll take on other people's titles in the coming years.

In Koffi's mind, Jesus Loves Me Children's Books LLC can hopefully become a different type of publishing company. One that is more author-friendly. Koffi plans to begin a book tour. She is rapidly booking events across the country and is seeking to schedule events with churches, organizations, public libraries, and Christian schools, free of charge.

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Compassion dave said...

What a wonderful story. If I could be so bold to add a little something to sweeten the pot (so to speak), if anyone reading this blog would choose to sponsor a Compassion child, I will send them a copy of "God Has a Purpose for Me," for free.

Stop by the Jesus + Compassion group and tell us about your new sponsorship and I'll send you the book quicker than you can say, "God Has a Purpose for Me!"

Book said...

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