Thursday, July 17, 2008


Zondervan announced seven new books for fall in its new young-adult line. Launched in May 2008, Zondervan is expanding its YA fiction offerings in a publishing sector the LA Times recently called “booming.” Zondervan already publishes three of the five top-selling Christian YA authors—Melody Carlson, Bryan Davis, and Bill Meyers—who all authored books for the May 2008 launch.

The October launch includes Paul McCusker’s Ripple Effect from “The Time Thriller Trilogy;” Bryan Davis’ Eternity’s Edge, book 2 in the “Beyond the Reflection’s Edge” series; Robert Elmer’s The Owling, Book 2 in “The Shadowside Trilogy;” Melody Carlson’s The Homecoming Queen from “The Carter House Girls,” and Debbie ViguiĆ©’s The Fall of Candy Corn and The Winter of Candy Canes, Books 2 and 3 from “A Sweet Seasons Novel” series.

Zondervan’s campaign includes a comprehensive marketing plan, including traditional promotional outlets combined with significant technology-driven promotion. Zondervan launched www.zondervan. com/teen that engages teens with contests, newsletters, and freebies about current and emerging YA series.

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Tyler said...

TYLER'S RIDE is really excited about Zondervan's commitment to the YA audience!

Zondervan is making God more relevant to an audience that wants to be entertained with a meaningful message. This is great news!

Check out TYLER'S RIDE on YouTube and see for yourself!