Monday, July 21, 2008

Question: Fiction Book Proposal

Q - What does a publisher want in a fiction book proposal?

A - A fiction book proposal does vary somewhat from a nonfiction one. Include:

* A cover letter introducing the basic plot/theme of the book, the genre, yourself and experience, if the book is finished or when it will be, etc.

* Include a table of contents if the chapters have titles.

* You can include a list of characters with a brief description of the part that character plays in the story--especially his/her relationship to the main characters.

* An overall synopsis of the story, usually 5-8 pages. Check the publisher's guidelines for their preferred length. With fiction the synopsis does not need to be done chapter-by-chapter. Be sure the synopsis clearly reveals the underlying problem the main character must overcome, and the plot development.

* As far as indicating similar book in the marketplace, you might mention other novels that have been popular in your genre.

* Your bio sould reflect any experience you have had with published fiction, or your background that prepared you to write a book on this topic--such as being a doctor or nurse if it is a medical thriller.

* Plus all the usual info on format: number of words, number of chapters, etc.

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