Friday, July 18, 2008


A new publication from the Seventh-day Adventist is for the 50+ crowd and called Renewed & Ready. For seniors who still have a zest for life. Looking for articles in these categories: Decisions Ahead/Lifestyle (700-1,200 wds.); Travel (700-1,200 wds.); Relationships (500-1,500 words); Making the Best of it (handicaps, sickness, disappointments, etc.;500-1,200 wds.); Traditions (500-1,000 wds.); Mission Trips/Community Service (500-1,250 wds.); Christian Living/Church Life 500-1,200 wds.); Using hobbies/activities to reach others for Christ (700-1,200 wds.). Ginger Church, editor ( E-mail her at that address or mail to her at 16617 Kendle Rd., Williamsport MD 21795. Call 301-223-6738 for more info.

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