Saturday, October 11, 2008


Seen in the Dallas Examiner's Christian Literature
Examiner column by Hollee J. Chadwick: Inc. announced in July that 11 Christian publishers will
make a majority of their catalogs of books available for use on the
Amazon's e-reader . Book
Business Magazine reported in their
July 25, 2008 issue that Augsburg Fortress, Crossway Books & Bibles,
David C. Cook, Gospel Light, Group Publishing, NavPress, Strang
Communications, Thomas Nelson, Tyndale House Publishers, Wm. B.
Eerdmans Publishing Co. and Zondervan have committed to making many
of their titles available to Kindle users by the end of the year.

"Of the 135,000 books available on as a physical book and
on the Kindle, Kindle books already account for over 12 percent of
units sold," says Ian Freed, vice president of Amazon Kindle. "We're
pleased that so many publishers are seeing this success with their
Kindle titles, and that more publishers like the Christian book
publishers are getting on board."


Deena said...

Still won't convince me to give up holding an actual book and reading it:-)

Dave Peterson said...

This is great news for those of us who currently own an Amazon Kindle. I for one have just received one as a birthday gift and am thrilled with it. Now that there is an increasing selection of Christian titles, I am even more enthused!

vclayabt said...

If you are looking for Christian books available on Kindle, here is a great one. I have included the Press Release in this post so you can see what others are saying about it.

Author Brent Clay makes new book, “Faith Without Nonsense: For Those Who Believe, and Those Who Wish They Could”, available for Kindle owners. The Kindle Edition of, “Faith Without Nonsense,” lists for $9.99 and quickly downloads in under a minute. Both the Kindle Edition and the Paperback version are now available at and is highly recommended by readers.

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"Exactly the kind of material I am looking for and believe the church is in need of."
-Chris Carley, Founder, GATE Ministry Fellowship

"If you feel what you hear from the pulpit rarely goes deep enough to satisfy your search for the Knowledge of God, you will find Faith Without Nonsense to be invaluable." - Sean M. Clouse, Amazon Review (Five Star Rating)

“I could hardly wait to get into Faith Without Nonsense – For Those Who Believe, and Those Who Wish They Could…I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to deepen their Knowledge of God.” - Donetta Garman of Allbooks Review

Brent Clay has served in many areas of ministry, as teacher, mentor and special guest speaker, and recognizes the increasing need to present a clear, no-nonsense message of faith. In his book “Faith Without Nonsense,“ Brent strives to equip believers with the knowledge and tools needed to find and grasp the deeper truths of God. More information about Brent and “Faith Without Nonsense” can be found at

Faith Without Nonsense
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