Thursday, October 23, 2008


Conciliar Press: Robert Clark, acquisitions editor (; Jane G. Meyer, children’s editor. Send hard copy to 3112 Calle Rosales, Santa Barbara CA93105. Page 158.

Celebrate Life: Stephanie Hopping, editor. Page 349.

Eureka Street: submission go to Tim Kroenert; Page 368.

Evangelical Times: Edgar Andrews and Roger Fay, editors ( Page 369.

Focus on the Family: Linda Arnold is new editorial assistant. Drop Deb Landers and Michael Ridgeway. Now pays .30-.35/word for articles 375-1,100 words. Page 372.

Indian Life: Jim Uttley is again editor; drop Viola Jones. Page 383.

National Catholic Reporter: Pam Schaeffer, executive editor ( Page 395.

Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith: Arie Leegwater, editor; 1726 Knollcrest Cir. S.E., Grand Rapids MI 49546; The above address is for the editor; new address for the publication is PO Box 668, Ipswich MA 01938. Page 401.

Relevant and Relevant Online: Corene Israel, print editor; Elizabeth Sloan, online editor. Page 407.

Sports Spectrum: Brett Honeycutt, editor;, or Page 413.

Preschool Playhouse: R. Sailes, Ed.D, Director of Children’s Curriculum ( Page 434.

Primary Street: R. Sailes, Ed.D, Director of Children’s Curriculum ( Page 435.

Catholic Telegraph: Tricia Hempel, editor; Page 347.

Missiology: J. Nelson Jennings, editor. Page 449.

Barefoot: Stephanie Wilson, editor. Page 454.

Evangelical Baptist: Jennifer Bugg, managing editor; PO Box 457, Guelph ON N1H 6K9, Canada; 519-821-4830, ext. 229; fax 519-821-9829. Page 458.

Connected: Bert Williams, editor; Jenann Elias, assistant editor; Page 473.

InTeen: Query LaTonya Taylor, editor ( Page 475.

Young Adult Today: Query LaTonya Taylor, editor ( Page 479.

Precious Times: Marilyn White, publisher/editor-in-chief; 3857 Birch St., Ste. 215, Newport Beach CA 92660. Page 491.

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