Saturday, October 4, 2008


Churchmouse Publications, LLC
A web-based publishing syndicate serving the Christian community

PO Box 9
Hudson, NH 03051

Churchmouse Publications, LLC is providing an exciting opportunity for new and established Christian artists, authors, cartoonists, creators and photographers. Since we are a new web-based publishing syndicate in a very competitive field, we need to stock our shelves— with excellence. We’re looking for well thought out and well written features.

To get a copy of the Churchmouse Publications most recently (9/18/08) updated Submissions Guidelines, please feel email Please read them carefully.

Please note that Churchmouse prefers to receive queries in the body of your email and submissions as a Microsoft Word doc attached to your email. No phone calls please.

Among other topics, we are currently seeking informational features on the following:

 Alcohol and drug recovery
 Abuse Counseling
 Career counseling
 Diet and exercise programs
 Family and marriage counseling
 Financial planning
 Food banks
 Homeless shelters
 Homes for people in transition
 Info on humanitarian charities
 Parenting classes
 Pregnancy counseling
 Prison Ministry Material
 Sexual Abuse Counseling

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