Saturday, October 4, 2008


Finding Good Fruit on the Internet: Offers Social Bookmarking for Catholics, Pro-Lifers

Christian Newswire/ -- The internet can be a wilderness, with thousands of articles written daily. Social bookmarking sites have arisen to help Internet users, but the popular ones, such as Digg, leave faith- based sites and postings out in the cold - or worse, the subject of ridicule. is a new site that offers a similar function, but with a focus on Catholic, Pro-Life, and Christian sites, news and resources. Users can submit links to news articles, blog postings, and websites, and vote on stories that others have submitted. The most popular and useful stories can then be easily recognized. Webmasters and bloggers can add small voting buttons that show a particular page's popularity on, and allow their readers to easily vote or submit their content to the new faith-base social bookmarking site.

Writers, journalists, and bloggers can use to see what Catholics are interested in and reading about on the Internet, and find topics to research further in their own publications and websites.

"The name comes from several Scripture references regarding good and bad fruit," said Paul Nowak, president of R.A.G.E. Media who created the site. "In a sense, users are sorting the good fruit from the bad fruit in the wilderness of the Internet, and sharing it with one another." launched in late July 2008, and in the past 2 months has maintained approximately 1,000 unique visitors a month, as well as support from Catholic bloggers and websites including the Curt Jester, American Papist, and BettNet. Catholic Exchange, one of the top 3 Catholic websites worldwide as ranked by, recently added voting buttons on their articles.

While's focus is on topics of interest to Catholics, there are categories for pro-life an general Christian topics. In fact, many of the articles posted on to date are specifically pro-life content from sources such as

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