Friday, October 17, 2008


Gollehon Books is starting a new imprint for Christian/inspirational books and is currently very open to review manuscripts. They are looking for either inspirational or scholarly books, but probably not fiction. Above all, they would like to see an element of controversy in the manuscript--in hopes that would give them a leg up with publicity.

Publisher, John Gollehon (, is looking for both agented and nonagented books. He wants to see only a proposal, a sample page or two, along with the author's bio listing all credentials. If interested, they will request to see the full manuscript.

Their plan is to produce both trade paperbacks and hardcover books--and they work fast. You need to know that up to this point this publisher has produced gaming books, but from now on will be concentrating on inspirational titles, and possibly will move into the areas of sports or gardening.

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