Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Pauline Kids, 50 St. Paul’s Ave., Boston MA 02130; 617-522-8911; fax 617-524-9805;
editorial@paulinemedia.com; www.pauline.org. Christina M. Wegendt FSP, children’s
editor.; Diana Lynch, associate children’s editor; submit to Tiffany Fox, editorial
assistant. Seeks to provide wholesome and entertaining reading that can help children develop strong Christian values. No manuscripts through agents. Royalty 5-12%;advance. Considers simultaneous submissions. Responds in 1-3 mos. Guidelines (also by e-mail/Website); no catalog. Nonfiction & Fiction: Proposal/2 chapters for easy-to-read & middle-grade readers; complete ms for board and picture books; e-query OK. Needs biographies on the lives of Saints. Easy-to-read and middle-reader chapter fiction.

Rejoice!, 600 Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg MB R3P 0M4, Canada; 204-888-6781; ByronRB@mph.org; www.mpn.net/rejoice. Mennonite. Byron Rempel-Burkholder, ed. Daily devotional magazine grounded in Anabaptist theology. 5% unsolicited freelance; 95% assigned. Pays $100-125 for 7-day assigned meditations, 250-300 words each; on publication for 1st rts. Also accepts testimonies 500-600 words. (8/yr.) Prefers that you send a couple of sample devotions and inquire about assignment procedures; fax/e-query OK. Accepts assigned mss by e-mail (attached). Responds in 4 wks. Seasonal 8 mos. ahead. No simultaneous submissions or reprints. Prefers NRSV. Guidelines by e-mail.

Church Music Quarterly, 19 The Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2EB, United Kingdom; cmq@rscm.com; www.rscm.com. Julian Elloway, editor. Advice and inspiration for church musicians around the world. 5% unsolicited freelance; 95% assigned. Query/clips; phone/fax/e-query OK. Accepts full manuscripts by e-mail. Pays on publication. Articles.

G4T Ink, 419 Mason St., Ste. 108, Vacaville CA 95688; 707-446-4463; phone/fax (707)4463; info@generations4truth.org; www.generations4truth.org. Generations 4 Truth. Jennifer Maul, publications manager/editor. Ministry written for and by girls; also by adults who address teen issues. Quarterly magazine; 40-50 pages; circulation 1,500. Established 2007. 70% unsolicited freelance; 30% assigned. Query/clips; e-query OK. No payment for nonexclusive rights. Not copyrighted. Articles 200-400 words. Responds in 4-6 weeks. Accepts simultaneous submissions & reprints (tell when/where appeared). Accepts e-mail submissions (attached file in word.doc). Uses some sidebars. Prefers NIV. Accepts submissions from teens. Guidelines on Website; copy for 9x12 SAE. (No ads yet). Poetry: Accepts 4-8/yr. Fillers: Accepts cartoons, jokes, prayers, quizzes, short humor, and word puzzles.

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