Saturday, November 15, 2008


BGC World: The Baptist General Conference has changed their name to Converge Worldwide. In response, this publication will also be changing its name, but not until December. Page 342.

Channels is now an online publication called E-Channels. Page 349.

Our Journey has changed its name to Our Daily Journey; 3000 Kraft Ave. S.E., Grand Rapids MI 49512. Page 446.

Enrichment is looking for what they call Eshorts: 150-250-word think pieces covering a wide range of topics related to ministry, church life, culture, worship, generational issues, church/community, trends, evangelism, surveys, time management, and humor. Page 458.

MomSense now writes the name like this, instead of MOMsense. Page 490.

Byline Magazine has lowered their pay rate to $75 for features, and $25 for fiction. Page 497.

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